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Plan-Sets offered to construct a Grain Elevator Complex.
Elevator - Farm Town Grain •••• Such Grain Elevators were found throughout all the farming areas in North America next to railroad tracks. They were known as Prairie Skyscraper's because they were taller than any other structure on the Great Plains. Farmer Co-Ops used these elevators to pool their grains for better pricing from the grain buyers. Grain buyers were notorious for undercutting individual farmers. Footprint, as designed is 20-¾ʺ x 15-½ʺ. Construct for indoor or outdoor railroad gardens. Plan-Set includes: 5) 13" x 19" super B and 2) 9-½ʺ x 13" super A size pages, with material information for indoor or outdoor garden use, and an operation schematic.
Footprint Layout - Urban Grain Elevator Complex •••• includes; Closed Storage Out Building, Scale House, and Open Ended Shed, Buildings, plus Grain-Tight Farm Wagon and Open Barge. Drawing is one super B size sheet.
Please forgive me for taking the picture with a reefer. 
click on Urban Grain Elevator Complex Footprint Layout  to view and/or download free .pdf
Shed - Closed Storage Out Building •••• A very simple first project in any scale with a footprint of 8ʺ x 4ʺ in 1:24 scale that can be used on every layout. Plan-Set includes: 1) 13" x 19" super B and 6) 9-½ʺ x 13" super A size pages with the recommend material for indoor or outdoor railroad gardens with instructions.
Shed - Open Ended •••• A very simple first project in any scale with a footprint of 5ʺ x 6ʺ in 1:24 scale. Fill with clutter including; bags, broken stuff, crates, hang tools and a pin-up on the walls. Plans include 1) 13" x 19" super B, and 2) 9-½ʺ x 13" super A size pages with the recommend material in styrene.
House - Elevator Scale •••• This easy to model building would be appropriate with a Coal Yard, Grain Elevator, Scrap Dealer, RR Yard or other industry requiring weighing trucks or wagons, or just a generic building or house for any time frame or, maybe even a small depot, use your imagination. Plan-Set includes 2) 13" x 19" super B, and 11) 9-½ʺ x 13" super A size pages with the recommend material in textured styrene for indoor layouts or outdoor RR gardens. 
Elevator - Urban “Big City” Grain •••• The prototype for this Grain Elevator can be seen in an archived Chicago water front photo. Most Urban Elevators were much larger than this model. They were usually located along rivers for cheaper transportation costs by Open Barges.  Using my "Modeling License" I selectively compressed the prototype size. If your Modeling License is current, you can do the same with these plans. Footprint as designed is 78-¾ʺ x 23-½ʺ. Plan-Set include: 6) 13" x 19" super B, and 2) 9-½ʺ x 13" super A size sheets, a material list is for indoor or outdoor railroad gardens, painting recommendations, 3-D renderings, are included.
Examples of 3-D renderings included in these Plan-Sets.
built by David Besterman
built by Ron Whittingham
This page was last updated December 08, 2017
built by David Besterman
click to view drawing sheet 3 of 5 (without dimensions) Farm Town Grain Elevator 3o5.jpg
click to view drawing sheet 5 of 6 Urban Grain Elevator 5o6.png
click to view photos of Elevator Scale House.jpg model
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All 1:24 scale plan sets include printing and dimension conversion factors to other popular scales.
Wagon - Flare-Type, Grain-Tight •••• The “Flare-Type” Wagon is a variation of the boxes found on Farm Wagons. This type of box became popular as the use of mechanical corn pickers became available.

Running gear shown are clipped with bracing at all stress points to avoid breakage and misalignment. The front gear has a large, steel, full-circle fifth wheel, making for a solid unit to prevent tipping and excessive rocking. The hind gear has long hounds to assure “true tracking.” Both front and hind bolsters are “well ironed” (reinforced).

This design has up-and-down tie rods securing the box to the bed. Adjustable chains and rods were used to to prevent the sides from spreading under load. Box ends and sides are cleated and riveted.

Plan Set includes 11) 13" x 19" super B size sheets with all details shown full scale to be used as templates, material list and Wheel Fixture drawings 2) 9-½ʺ x 13" super A size super detailed optional dimensioned items. Plan-Set and booklet includes an additional 8) 9-½ʺ x 13" super A size pages.

Flare-Type, Grain Tight Wagon options:
Plan-Set ONLY $20
Booklet with Plan-Set $24
Flare-Type, Grain-Tight Wagon plan-sets consists of:
  • Assembly Sheets
  • Box Details
  • Construction Instructions
  • Grain Elevator Schematic
  • Lazy Back Spring Seat
  • Material List
  • 3-D Renderings of:
        ​   Evener
           Trailer Hitch 
            Running Gear
  • Super detailed dimensioned optional items
  • Step
  • Tool Box​
  • Trailer Hitch
Wheel Fixture
  • Wheel Construction
SUPER EXTRA Prairie Skyscraper Booklet •••• This 22) page booklet covers the construction of a Grain Elevator which could be found by the thousands on the great plains of North American 100 years ago. Booklet contains 8) foam board construction photos, 19) vintage illustrations on prototypical construction, painting recommendations, construction photos plus the assembly drawings for a Flair-Type, Grain-Tight Farm Wagon. Farm Town, Prairie Skyscraper, Grain Elevator and Wagon Plan-Sets consists of 16) 13" x 19" super B size sheets and 22) 9-½ʺ x 13" super A size pages with a material list.
Farm Grain Elevator Booklet options:
Booklet with Farm Town (Prairie Skyscraper) Grain Elevator Plan-Set $19
Booklet with Farm Town (Prairie Skyscraper) Grain Elevator Plan-Set with EXTRA Flare-Type, Grain-Tight, Farm Wagon Plan-Set $29
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Grain Elevators provide a reason for a train stop with animation of a filling spout filling grain cars as the train indexes filling rail car after rail car.
The above five (5) companion structures could be found with any Grain Elevator operations. 
Purchase all five (5) of the above structures, 20) super B and 2) A size sheets and save.
Your source of Grain Elevator structures.
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