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Plan-sets offered to construct RR depots.
Depot - C&N-W#2 Freight & Passanger  •••• This is the mid-size standard C&N-WRy turn of the last century depot found at junctions and larger towns. It was also used by M&StL and CStPM&ORy. This depot has a waiting room, office, freight room, and a small train-registration room. The prototype for this depot was located in Mercer, WI. Footprint; depot 36ʺ x 10ʺ. Platform is 42ʺ long. 
Depot - C&N-W#3 Freight & Passenger •••• This is the smallest standard C&N-W Ry turn of the century depot found at the end of spurs and at “Whistle Stops.” It was also used by the CStPM&ORy. This depot has a Ticket Office, Freight and Waiting Room. The prototype for this depot was located in Fosterville/Winegar, WI. Footprint; depot 20ʺ x 8ʺ with a 65ʺ platform and a standard 3-hole Water Closet. Reduce the platform size if you don’t have all that room. Plan-Set consists of: 6) 13ʺ x 19ʺ super Band 4) 9-½ʺ x 13ʺ super A size sheets which include interior and RR garden material lists. Booklet consists of 8) 13ʺ x 19ʺ super B, and 10) 9-½ʺ x 13ʺ super A size sheets, with Water Closet and Weathering Clinic.
Depot - GC&SF RR Combination (express, freight & passenger) •••• A late 1800 Gulf, Colorado & Santa Fe RR (which became the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe RR System) at Farmersville, TX structure. This single-story frame depot is surrounded by platforms. One end of the building was used for passenger service with a gentlemen’s and a ladies’ waiting room with low platforms, while the other end is a large freight area with high platforms. Between the two is a small express office. Basic footprint 69ʺ x 17ʺ, wide with 109ʺ prototypical platforms. Length can easily be reduced by 13-3/8” lengths. Plan-Set includes: 4) 13ʺ x 19ʺ super Bsize sheets material list for indoor layouts and RR gardens with 2) 9-½ʺ x 13ʺ super A, size sheets. Booklet with Plan-Set includes an additional 8) 9-½ʺ x 13ʺ super A sheets with additional illustrated construction details.
Depot - Michigan Central RR Passenger •••• This is the first MC RR (later merged with the NYC) Depot in Michigan City, IN. This was the depot that was in Michigan City when Abraham Lincoln’s Funeral Train stopped on May 1, 1865 on its way to Springfield, IL. It has a central ticket office with large Gentlemen’s and Ladies waiting rooms. There is no similar available commercial Depots to this unique structure. Footprint 50” x 18-½ʺ. Plan-Set includes: 2) 13ʺ x 19ʺ super B, and 3) A size Material List for indoor or RR garden modeling. Included are photos of finished depot with 3-D construction renderings for foam board.
This is the Plan-Set from the #3 CNW Depot cut and glued to foam board. It has yet to be painted and needs a more substantial roof. What is pictured was constructed in a couple hours.
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Depot - Monon RR Freight •••• This unique Freight House was in Michigan City, IN in on May 1, 1865 when Abraham Lincoln’s Funeral train stopped on its way to Springfield, IL. And, can still be found in Michigan City today. Footprint 100ʺ x 30ʺ with the length easily reduced in increments of 12ʺ. Plan-Set includes: 8) 13ʺ x 19ʺsuper B size sheets and 2) 9-½ʺ x 13ʺ super A size sheets.
Depot - Passenger •••• This easy to construct building would be appropriate for a small whistle stop depot. Footprint is 7-¾ʺ x 11ʺ. Plan-Set includes 1) 13ʺ x 19ʺ super B size sheet, and 2) 9-½ʺ x 13ʺ super A size sheets.
Spiral Bound Booklet with Plan-Set includes recommend material of foam board and textured patterned styrene with instructions. This would be an appropriated first project if you have not had the experience of working with foam board and textured patterned styrene. 3-D rendering for constructing this Passenger Depot is shown to the left.
Combination Depot options:
Passenger Depot options:
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Put our expertise to work for you. At the Vilas County Lumber Company, we can do a custom design for you.
Footprint - C. & N-W. Ry Small Terminal in Winegar, WI **** includes; Number 3 Depot with 130΄ Freight and Passenger Platform, Coal House, Coal & Oil House, Culvert, Hand Car Set-off, 2-story Section House, Water Closets, Tool House, 60΄ Turntable with a Cinder Pit, Well Pit, and a 47,000 gallon Water Tank. Drawing is an 8-½ʺ x 11ʺ A size sheet.
click on Winegar Terminal Footprint  to view and/or download free 
Want more information on the Chicago & North-Western Railway? Go to the:  Chicago & North Western Historical Society
1:24 scale plan sets include printing and dimension conversion factors to other popular scales.
Water Tank •••• This is a Standard C&NW Ry 24΄ diameter Water Tank that would have been found at terminals and every 100 to 150 miles in the hey day of Steam locomotives.
Water Well •••• This is a Standard C&NW Ry Stand Pipe which pumped water into a Water Tank. footprint 13΄ x 7΄ x 7΄ deep. This can be a great point of interest for your layout when constructed as cut section on the edge of your layout.
Pump House •••• Once the water well was completed a Pump House utility building would be built. This small structure has an overall footprint of 12΄ x 20΄ with a lean-to coal storage. CNW trainmen maintained the stove, electric motor driven pump, (walking beam pumps were common) and pipes that carried water from the underground well to the water tank so the train from Mercer, WI could fill its tender. It was not uncommon when the tender was being filled, that the locomotive fireman could throw a shovel full of burning coal into the pump house stove eliminating a need for a dedicated person to monitor the stove in the coldest weather.
Note; the small trackside stream which was also a reliable water supply. Pump houses besides containing pumping equipment, frequently included a bunk for a watchman who stoked the stove.
House - Tool •••• This CNW standard 10΄ x 16΄ tool house was used to house tools and other equipment for the maintenance of track and right-of-way by section gangs. These small buildings were seldom spaced more than 10 miles apart and were often closer as conditions warranted. Built to be portable, when conditions changed they could be loaded on a flat car and moved to a new location. Several of these easy to build structures would fit in many layouts
House - Coal Storage •••• This structures footprint is 10΄ x 16΄ and could hold maybe 16-tons of coal and would be suitable on almost any railroad. Coal Storage Houses were used as storage facilities for heating fuel for Depots, Pump Houses, etc. These structures were used for general storage after their useful life for coal storage had expired.
House - Section •••• his CNW standard #1, 2-story, 6 room, 24΄ x 28΄ Section House. This is a dwelling built by the CNW for the Section Foreman and his laborers and possibly their families. And, maybe even furnished by the CNW. Residents either paid a nominal rate or had rent deducted from their salary. Many, also included a Coal Shed, Chicken Coop Shed and of coarse a Privy.
C&N-W Ry #3 Depot options:
Plan-Set only   $7
Booklet with Plan-Set $11
Shed - Coal & Oil •••• This is a C. & N.-W. Ry 1914 Standard Coal & Oil House that would have been found at small terminal complexes or could be found along any prototype Steam Era railroad refueling stop that were spaced every 100-150 miles, 100 years ago. Footprint is 9ʺ x 4ʺ. Plan includes 1) 13ʺ x 19ʺsuper B size and 2) 8-½ʺ x 11ʺ A size pages.

Spiral bound booklet includes the above and 10) 8½ʺ x 11ʺ size pages, over 20 illustrations, with a material list detailing how this very detailed, award winning model was built.
Booklet & Plan-set - Monon RR Freight Depot •••• This construction booklet is based on the Monon Freight House which has been in Michigan City Indiana for over 150 years. This Booklet and Plan-Set contains: 14) 9-½ʺ x 13ʺ super A size pages, and the 8) 13ʺ x 19ʺ super B size drawing Plan-Set, over 35 construction illustrations and prototype photos. Materials, adhesives, and finishes for this model are covered to build this model with foam board. Footprint 100ʺ x 30ʺ with the length easily reduced in increments of 12ʺ or increased in length by 12" to store trains inside.
Coal & Oil House options:
Tool House •••• This award winning model started as a kitbash. Drawing included is very detailed to make this model very unique. Foot print is 5-¾ʺ x 4-⅞ʺ. Plan-Set is 1) 13" x 19" super B size sheet and 2) super A sheets.

Spiral bound booklet consists of 14) 8-½ʺ x 11ʺ size pages, which includes; over 35) illustrations, detailed instructions, weathering with scenicing for this diorama.
Tool House options:
Plan-Set $7
booklet with Plan-Sheet $13
Shed - Velocipede •••• These Sheds were once found everywhere along railroad tracks. In this case the prototype represented here is from the Vilas County Lumber Co. logging railroad. But, could have been found every 10 miles or so along mainline railroad tracks for the Section Crews across the North American to check their trackage. Velocipedes (from the French for "swift  
footed") weighed around 135 pounds and were easily manhandled from planks between tracks onto a small platform in front of the shed and rolled into the building for protection from the weather. The VCLCo men could have used their Velocipede to quickly get into the pinery to check on production or deliver messages to the Lumber Jacks foremen. This Plan-Set includes options for a Garden Railway, (as shown) or the option for finescale modeling. Footprint is 8΄ x 12΄. Plan-Set consists of 4) 13ʺ x 19ʺ super B size sheets with material and detail options, plus 2) super A sheets.
Plan-Set only   $10
Wagon - 1:24 scale 4-Wheel RR Station Platform •••• Such wagons were used for luggage and freight at Express, Freight and Passenger Depots. Every depots needs a Platform Wagon. Options include Mail and Milk platforms. They go a long way toward livening up the action at station platforms, creating a lot of interest for visitors. Booklet & Plan-Set includes: 6) 13" x 19" super and 6)  super A Booklet sheets.
Wagon - 1:13.7 scale 4-Wheel RR Station Platform •••• As above. Booklet & Plan-Set includes 8) 13" x 19" super B and 6) 9-½ʺ x 13ʺsuper A  sheets.
1:13.7 Scale Platform Wagon options:
Water Closet (Outhouse)  ••••  This a single 13" X 19" super B Plan-Set with 4) 9-½ʺ x 13ʺ sheets of a 1901 C&N-W Ry Systems three (3) holer with a footprint of 3-13/16" x 4". It was made joint with the C.St. P.M.&O Ry or any other railroad or community.
free down load or eMailed free or $4.50
Booklet with Plan-Set $14
Plan-Set only   $15
Booklet with Plan-Set $16
Plan-Set only   $8
Booklet with Plan-Set $12
Plan-Set only $13
Booklet with Plan-Set $17
Plan-Set only $10
Booklet with Plan-Set $17
Scheduled availability; January, 2017. Text VCLCo for a notice when available.
Footprint - C. & N-W. Ry Terminal in Mercer, WI **** includes; Number 2 Depot with 190΄ Freight and Passenger Platform, Coaling Bucket House, Coal & Oil House, Hand Car Set-off, 2) Section Houses, Tool House, 2) Hand Car Sheds, Sand Bin, Stock Chute, 3) Water Closets, Pump House, Well and a 47,000 gallon Water Tank. Drawing is a 13ʺ x 19ʺ super B size sheet.
click on Mercer Terminal Footprint  to view and/or download free 
free down load or eMailed free or $4.50