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Bridge - Bascule •••• Bascule bridges were, and can still be found in many cities where trains needed to cross rivers. This is prototypical design of the CNW bridge that is still located on the north branch of the Chicago river by Kinzie St. Bascule is based on the French word meaning “see-saw,” a Bascule bridge features a movable span which rotates on trunnion (a horizontal axis). A large concrete counterweight offsets the weight of the structure. This bridge is being designed with styrene shapes to represent steel for indoor and outdoor railroad gardens. Designed for a single track. Footprint 95ʺ x 10-¾ʺ as designed.
Plan-Sets offered to construct Bridges.
Bridge - 67' Timber Beam Double Track Deck •••• This prototypical bridge as designed has a footprint of 33½ʺ x 18¼ʺ for an easily constructed double track indoor or outdoor railroad gardens. As designed the width can be modeled as a single track bridge and increased or decreased in length by 4". Optional wood, pipe or no railings. Plan-Set includes a material list. Plan-Set consists of 2) 13" x 19" super B sheets and 2) 9½" x 13" super A sheets. Booklet contains 8) 9½" x 13" super A sheets.
Bridge - Pratt Steel Trussed Through Tied Arch •••• This 108ʺ tied arch (bowstring) type is commonly used for suspension bridges. First, it is claimed by many that suspension bridges were not used for trains. NOT true! I have seen documentation on two RR suspension bridges. This bridge would look good in a railroad garden. A tied arch resists spreading (drift) at its bearing by using the deck as a tie place. This bridge is being designed with styrene shapes to represent steel for indoor and outdoor railroad gardens.
Bridge - Tied Wood Through Arch •••• This is a great looking freelance 108ʺ bridge that will be the “WOW” factor of everyone entering your railroad garden. This bridge was built with laminated Ipe wood for maximum outdoor longevity and capped with a brass strip for a prototypical look along with threaded brass rod for a nice “transparency” see-through look.
Bridge - 92΄ Straining Beam Timber Truss Pony •••• This prototypical bridge as designed is 92΄ long (46ʺ in ½ʺ scale) which the size can be easily changed ± 8-1/3΄ (4-3/16ʺ) designed for single track. Easily constructed for a double track for indoor or outdoor railroad gardens. These two Howe truss bridges we are offering are similar (Howe was the engineer who popularized the “X” bracing for bridges) but, have different details tieing the elements together with different end piers.
Bridges - 70΄ Timber Deck Single and Double Track Long-Panel Truss •••• This truss design is known as a Long-Panel Truss of overlapping triangles without vertical posts. This type of truss could be used for bridges up to 150 feet long. This prototypical bridge as designed is 70΄ long (35ʺ in ½ʺ scale) which the size can be easily changed ±12-½΄ (6-¼ʺ). Easily constructed for an indoor or outdoor railroad gardensPlan-Set - single-track includes: 11) 13ʺ x 19ʺ super B, Double-Track 12) 13ʺ x 19ʺ super B, both with 2) 9-½ʺ x 13ʺ super A size sheets, which includes a material list and full size templates.
Bridge - 50’ King Post Through Truss  •••• Designed as a through bridge, as built picture distinction shows a pony version. Construct for indoor or outdoor railroad gardens. Plan-set includes 4) 13ʺ x 19ʺ  super size drawings and material list, full scale templates and 4) 9-½ʺ x 13ʺ super A size scaling options.
Bridge - 72΄ Queen Post Pony Truss •••• Designed for two tracks, obviously it can be built for a single track. 36ʺ long for 1:24 scale modeling. Plan-Set includes 4) 13ʺ x 19ʺ super B size drawings which include full size templates and 4) super A size scaling options. Booklet consists of 8) 9½ʺ x 13ʺ super A pages.
Bridge - 144΄ Whipple Bowstring Wood Truss •••• Designed for two tracks, obviously it can be built for a single track. 36ʺ x 26-½ʺ depending on the height of a trestle pier used.
built by Chris Baatson
built by Chris Baatson
built by Chris Baatson
67' Timber Deck bridges built with optional pipe railings at the Taltree Arboretum & Gardens.
This page was last updated January 25, 2019
built by Tom Kreiger
70' Timber Truss Deck Bridge options:
Single-Track Howe Timber Box Truss options:
72' Queen Post Pony Truss options:
Put our expertise to work for you. At the Vilas County Lumber Company, we can do a custom design for you.
built by Chris Baatson
built by Chris Baatson
built by Chris Baatson
Plan-Sets contain major train modeling scale conversions to convert our 1:24 plan-sets to 22 popular scales.
Bridge and Trestle Booklets with Plan-Sets list acceptable railroad garden materials, adhesives, paints and UV stabilization.
1:24 scale Plan-Sets include printing and dimension conversion factors to 22 popular scales.
The Great Kinzua Viaduct •••• In HO scale. If a scale replica is built this trestle would be 23-¼ feet long. But a fine scale model can be built within the space you have available with commercial available shapes by reducing the number of bents. The Plan-Set includes 26) B size sheets with a material list.
60' Turntable •••• This 60’ balanced turntable is based on the turn-of-the-century turntables built by the Lassig Bridge Co. of Chicago, before, and after the Lassig Co. was purchased by the American Bridge Co. Many of these turntables were still in operation in the 1940's. Lassig built such turntables for the Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific, C&NW, Rock Island, and other RRs at varying lengths.

Obviously this design could be easily lengthened for larger engines and tenders. All details are commercially available or styrene shapes cut to length, from full scale templates in the Plan-Set.

Turning can be accomplished by simply turning with a couple fingers as was accomplished prototypically by a good man or the Plan-Set gives you the option of using commercial gears. Such turning eliminates fancy electronics if used in a railroad garden. A front bicycle or tricycle wheel axle bearing is another turning option (which can be found along any street on “Garbage Day.” Or, a simply block core between riveted side girders fastened to a Lazy Susan is another option.

This Plan-Set consists of 11) 13" x 19" super B sheets and 4) 9-½" x 13" super A sheets which include a Material List, turning and electrical polarity options with construction instructions. Skill levels required to build this Turntable varies. Side girder plates fastened to a block is the easiest, or use styrene shapes riveted to the girder plates for the most skilled finescale modeler, with variations in-between.

A Booklet is also available with the above plan-set and pictures and drawing of nine (9) other Turntables. Booklet and Plan-Set consists of 11) 13" x 19" super B sheets with 20) 9-½" x 13" pages with 34 pictures and 6 other drawings. Click this link to view the of the Index of the Nine (9) Turntable included within this booklet.

This 60’ Lassig Turntable as designed is 30” long in 1:24 scale. As designed it would be acceptable for other Large Scales, with lengths as follows:
Why is a Turntable also on our Bridge page? Because, technically, Turntables are 3-Point Rotating Bridges!
Single Track Deck Plan-Set ONLY $16
Double Track Deck Plan-Set ONLY $17
Single-Track Deck Plan-Set & Booklet $19
Double-Track Deck Plan-Set & Booklet $28
Deck Bridges - Horizontal Lateral Truss work is below trackage.
Through Bridges - Horizontal Lateral Truss work is above and below trackage.
Pony Bridges - Compression Truss work only extends above trackage and are not connected.
Deck Plan-Set ONLY $16
Booklet with Deck Plan-Set $21
Through Plan-Set ONLY $25
Booklet with Through Plan-Set $38
Plan-Set $11
Viaducts have been loosely defined as multispan bridges.
Plan-Set ONLY $10
Plan-Set with Booklet $12
Bridges - Howe Timber Box Truss Single & Double Track •••• This prototypical bridge would have been common in the last quarter of the 19th century and if well maintained lasted well into the 20th century. Plan-Set as designed is 127΄ (63-½ʺ) long, options include: 67΄ (33-½ʺ), 77΄ (38-½ʺ), 117΄ (58-½ʺ), 127΄ (63-½ʺ) and 147΄ (75ʺ) versions. Pile and stacked timber pier options are shown. Material Lists for indoor and outdoor railroad gardens. Full size templates of all truss pieces, material lists for all Bridge lengths with Diagonal Cast-Iron Socket fixture.
Single-Track Deck Plan-Set includes: 11) super B sheets & 2) super A sheets.
Single-Track Through Plan-Set includes: 18) super B sheets & 2) super A sheets.
Booklet includes: 16) 9-½ʺ x 13ʺ sheets of acceptable garden RR materials, adhesives, painting and weathering instructions, photos and 3-D renderings.
60' Turntable options:
1:32 (3/8”) scale = 79.72 feet long
1:29 scale = 72.5 feet long
1:24 (1/2”) scale = 60 feet long
1:22.5 (G) scale = 56.25 feet long
1:20.3 (Fn3) scale = 50.75 feet long
1:13.7 (7/8n3) scale = 34.25 feet long
Model railroads that have a steam locomotive on its roster need a wooden bridge.
Wood was readily available throughout most of the North America Continent in the early days of railroading,  thereby minimizing construction costs. The need for an arch was eliminated by the use of bridges designed solely with Trusses therefor reducing construction time.
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1:48 O Scale, Plan-Set & Booklet for Howe Timber Box Truss Single & Double Track Bridges •••• Same as above. 
Deck, Plan-Set includes: 7) 13" x 19" super B sheets with 10) 9½ʺ x 13ʺ Booklet pages.
Through, Plan-Set includes 10) 13" x 19" super B sheets with 10) 9½ʺ x 13ʺ Booklet pages.

Bridge - O Scale 1-Track Howe Timber Box Truss options:
1:48 O Scale: Howe Single-Track Box Truss:
Deck Plan-Set ONLY $12 
Plan-Set with Booklet $18
Through Plan-Set ONLY $18
Plan-Set with Booklet $21
1:48, O Scale, Plan-Set for both 70' Timber Single & Double Track Long-Panel Timber Truss Deck Bridges •••• Same as above, 17-½ʺ, can easily be changed ±3-⅛ʺPlan-Set includes: 8) 13ʺ x 19ʺ super B, 2) 9-½ʺ x 13ʺ super A size sheets. 8) page Booklet available.
70' Deck With or without Booklet
70' 1:48 O Scale Deck:
Single & Double Track Plan-Set ONLY $13
Single & Double Track Plan-Set & Booklet $16
page #1 - Cover
page #2 - Index
page #3 - Union Pacific, 1911, American Bridge Co., 80΄ Turntable from Yakima, WA., at the California Railroad Museum, Sacramento, CA.
page #4 - Pere Marquette Railway, 1901, Detroit Bridge & Ironworks, 68.8΄ Turntable from Petosky, MI., at Greenfield Village, Dearborn, MI.
page #5 - Soo Line, American Bridge Co., 70΄ Turntable from Weyerhaeuser, WI., at Camp 5 Logging Museum, Laona, WI.
pages #6 & 7 - Drawings of Eureka Springs Railroad, 1910, Philadelphia Turntable Co., 74.4΄, from Eureka Springs, AK.
page #8 - Eureka Springs, AK., site map drawing with Philadelphia Turntable Co. Turntable.
page #8 - 9-½΄ narrow gauge Industrial Turntable, at the Rhinelander Logging Museum, Rhinelander, WI.
page #9 - Southern Pacific, 1860, 56΄ “A” Frame Gallows Turntable, at Nevada State Railroad Museum, Carson City, NV.
page #10 - Chicago & North-Western, 1910, American Bridge Co., 80΄ Turntable from Harvard, IL., at the Illinois Railway Museum, Union, IL.
page #10 - 1918, C&N-W Right-of-Way drawing of Winegar, Wisc. with a 60΄ Lassig Turntable.
page #11 - Chicago, Burlington & Quincy 100' Truss-Type Turntable, at Bridgeport, NE.
page #12 - Fractions - Decimals - Millimeter Chart.
page #13 - 19ʺ x 13ʺ Drawing of 30ʺ model Balanced American Bridge Co. Lassig Turntable
page #14 - 19ʺ x 13ʺ Drawing of full size Cord & Stringer Template for a 30ʺ Turntable model.
page #15 - 19ʺ x 13ʺ Drawing of Top and Side Views of 30ʺ Turntable Model.
page #16 - 19ʺ x 13ʺ Drawing of full size Rivet Templates with Material List for a 30ʺ Turntable model.
page #17 - 19ʺ x 13ʺ Drawing of Angle Bracing, Stiffeners and Gusset full size Templates for a 30ʺ model Turntable.
page #18 - 19ʺ x 13ʺ Drawing Top & Bottom X-Bracing full scale templates with rivets.
page #17 - 19ʺ x 13ʺ Drawing of Turntable Trucks and Locking Mechanism Renderings.
page #19 - 19-ʺ x 13ʺ Drawing Turntable Pit.
page #20 - 19ʺ x 13ʺ Drawing Truck & Locking Mechanism.
page #21 - 19ʺ x 13ʺ Drawing of Gussets and Angle Bracing, with a finescale Roller Pedestal.
page #22 - 19ʺ x 13ʺ Drawing and Pictures of Gearing with Axle Bearings.
page #23 - 19ʺ x 13ʺ Drawing Electrical Polarity.
page #24 to 27 - Suggested Instructions for Building a 60΄ Steel Turntable model.
page #28 - Rules for Painting and Rusting a steel Turntable Model.
page #29 - Popular Large Scale Train Scales.
page #30 - ½ʺ Scale Conversions to 22 Popular Scales.
page #31 - Turntable Modeling References.
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Double Track Deck Plan-Set ONLY $9
Booklet with Plan-Set $11
Timber Beam Deck Bridge options:
Through Plan-Set ONLY $34
Booklet with Through Plan-Set $40
Double-Track Howe Timber Box Truss options:
Double-Track Deck Plan-Set:
Under Construction.
Double-Track Through Plan-Set: 23) super B sheets & 2) super A sheets. Booklet 16) pages
“great, thanx for your support” - O.W.F.
“great, thanx for your support” - O.W.F.
eMailed in .pdf format booklet & FULL Plan-Set $11.98.