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About Vilas County Lumber Company
I have built a couple of off-shore sailboats on commission. I designed, drafted, and was the master carpenter of a 5,000 square foot timber frame home. I have changed vocations, but I continued to use my drafting skills to enhance projects. 

When my son was born, my interest in model railroads was renewed. I purchased a very early version of AutoCad software to design a few railroad layouts. I became hooked on large scale railroads, but was unable to find structures and wagons I liked for a Saw Mill complex and Company Town shelf layout. I researched and designed the structures in CAD, wrote and then published a couple articles in hobby magazines. I was awarded First Place Best-in-Show at the 2008 Mid-West Large Scale Train Show. 

When I “retired,” I went to the local community college and enrolled in Computer Aided Design courses for two years. Upon completion, I purchased the latest version of the AutoCad software. I then spent three years as a volunteer helping to develop a two and a half acre railroad garden with historical vignettes. I worked for the Landscape Architect (designer of the RR garden) designing unique historical structures for volunteers, who had minimal modeling skills and experience. I also built a few of theses unique structures.

In 2011 this site was created offering our plan-set products based on the above endeavors and continuing skill and product development.

Other companies offer modeling plans, but our plan-sets and services to our customers are the best, and come with the personal touch of a modeler. So don't hesitate to ask a question that will help in using our plans to create your unique model structures. 

PS: We are modelers! 

PSS: Can we create a custom design for you?
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So where did the Vilas County Lumber Company name come from? This is the name of the Saw Mill a distant cousin managed in northern Wisconsin (renaming the Company Town after himself) early last century, and which I am modeling in large scale.
Vilas County Lumber Company
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built by William Test.
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Put our expertise to work for you. At the Vilas County Lumber Company, we can do a custom design for you.
I have always enjoyed doing research and learning (especially when it has a historical prototypical significance), creating drawings and building unique structures. I have taken architectural drafting in school. I worked for years on a drafting board with a T-square and triangles as a Mechanical Engineer.
What is my favorite modeling publication? Westlake Publishing Co. Is right up there at the top of my list. I have every issue they have ever published and if I could only subscribe to one publication it would be a hard choice between Westlakes' and the Narrow Gauge and Short Line Gazette

Westlake first published Outdoor Railroader, then; Finescale Railroader and they now publish Modelers,  +  Logging, Mining & Industrial,  +  Narrow Gauge, Annuals. These are superior modeling publications with the best models, photography and RR prototype information. If you can't find just the right structure to model on my site you can probably find it within one of Westlake publications. I have had the honor to have two of my models shown in their Annuals. Click one of the Annuals shown for a link to the Westlake Publishing Co. home page.

But, Westlake is stopping to publish "hard" copies and has no firm plans for web publications. The name; Narrow Gauge and Short Line Gazette says it all. It is packed with how-to articles and features of interest to model railroaders. High quality photographs accompany feature articles of model railroad layouts each month.

Plans of various locomotives and rolling stock are also a regular feature of Narrow Gauge and Short Line Gazette each month. This is also a fine publication for the modeler. Again, click a cover photo to be linked to Benchmark Publications, Ltd.
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