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CAD Plan-Sets Include:
This page was last updated January 15, 2019
Example of a Plan-Set being offered. Note, not all Plan-Sets are as detailed as is shown for the 13" x 19" super B size American Farm Wagon above. Some are much simpler just being a single 9-½" x 13" A size sheet with a dimensioned 3-D rendering. Some Plan-Sets have very detailed instructions, some do not. I have attempted to explain what you are purchasing with each design description. Click on farm wagon.dwg 5/6.png to view this drawing without the modeled detail clutter and stains.
Example of a Material List with readily available commercial details. Note, this Bill of Material contains scaling conversions and a matrix to improve your efficiency if you cut your own wood.
Built by Tom Kreiger at Taltree Arboretum & Gardens, Valparaiso, IN.
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Plan-Sets being offered are designed and drawn in AutoCAD some with 3-D renderings and printed in color with a professional graphic printer. Most plans are dimensioned for 1:24 (½ʺ) (1:12, 1:13.7, 1:20.3, 1:22.5, 1:32, 1:48 & 1:87 scales are available for a few designs) scale modeling with gauge #1, 45 mm (1.770ʺ) track, where applicable. Download the .pdf Scale Conversion sheet free for using and copying drawings into other popular scales from 1:8 (Gn15 scale) to 1:220 (Z scale). Admittedly, such scales as 1:120 to 1:220 would be quite formidable tasks to build, except maybe for structures. Some of our CAD building Plan-Sets are hatched in appropriate scaled detail, quite often in color. 
Well designed CAD drawings can be increased and reduced in size legibly with a good copy machine, as compared to blue prints. Line quality is good between a reduction to 11% (Z scale) to an increase to 283% (Gn15 scale). You can almost read the text in drawings that are reduced to 11% with a magnifying glass. Most details are shown in full scale which allows them to be used as templates when building these details.

CAD printed drawings have the advantage over traditional blue prints because of the fact that details are more easily identified when printed in different line weight colors and since there is no confusing hand lettering. Our Plan-Sets are designed to be easily understood by the novice.
Complying with professional CAD drafting standards all drawings are created in full scale and printed in the appropriate scales on 13" x 19" super B size drawings. This allows us to print in virtually any scale, ask for details. Barges, trestles and some bridges include multiple 13" x 19" super B sheets printed in full scale to be used as templates. Again, CAD printed drawings allow for easy reproduction for templates.
Why do we dimension with a decimal inch? We use a decimal inch for dimensioning because it allows for a slightly more accurate model, especially when converting to other scales when compared to fractions. Download .pdf decimal to fractional conversion chart for converting to fractions. Calipers read in the decimal inch format. I use the General Tools Mfg. Co. decimal inch ruler #616 (10ths, 100ths), which is available at better hardware stores.
Large drawings are printed on 13" x 19" super B sized, heavy 70 lb acid-free/ECF-Free paper (complying with sustainable Forest Management procedures) paper. ANSI; 8-½ʺ x 11ʺ A size sheets
Building materials vary; milled Basswood sheet siding, foam board sold at Office Supply stores for indoor use and outdoor sign grade foam board from Sign Shops is recommended for Railroad Gardens. Foam boards are covered with 3-D UV stabilized textured patterned styrene for both indoor and outdoor use. A hobby knife and a hobby saw are the basic tools needed for construction such buildings.
Most Plan-Sets contain material lists. Some Plan-Sets contain construction pictures, 3-D renderings and instructions for easy modeling. And, a few Plan-Sets have historical prototypical data including operational schematics.
There are numerous free downloads available which include footprint drawings of complexes. If you would like us to custom design a complex or structure for your indoor layout or railroad garden, ask for a quote.

Shipping and handling is free for US only on orders of $5 and greater; International orders please add an additional $22, Canada orders $8. We just charge actual cost of international postage. Refunds will be issued for over payments through PayPal.
Click VCLCo Unique Model RR Structures Catalog revised January 15, 2019, to view and/or download this large formatted (9 -½ʺ x 13ʺ) .pdf 23 page alphabetical lite version of our catalog of over 100, mostly 1:24 scale structures plan-sets (a few 1", 7/8" G, F, #1, O and HO scale Plan-Sets) shown on this site. Be patient, this is a large file (5 MB). A 44 page spiral hard bound copy will be eMailed free or mailed USPS free for $25. Click the below button to purchase with PayPal. This 44 page version has more illustrations than the .pdf download version. Both versions list the same Plan-Sets.
We are modelers, our primary product is unique model railroad structure Plan-Sets.

What we deliver are Plan-Sets that are second to none! Our Plan-Sets are usually drawn in 1:24 (½ʺ) scale with Computer Aided Drafting software. CAD allows printing of our plan sets in virtually any scale. HO, O, 3/8", F, G, 7/8" and 1" are now available for some designs. Our Material lists often specify commercially available detail parts for quicker construction. Many of our Plan-Sets are available with booklets which often contain prototypical pictures and historical data. We encourage modelers to modify our designs based on these pictures or other info to make an even more unique model. 

Click the above Plan-Set tabs for unique thumb nail Plan-Set descriptions.
Most of the Plan-Sets include a Material List which include listings of commercially available optional details for superb models. All the Plan-Sets recommend materials. 
Some of the Plan-Sets have schematic drawings with historical details. Some have modeling options depending on the era the model will be placed in.
Why should you purchase your modeling Plan-Sets from the Vilas County Lumber Co?
We offer a package describing how to use foam board, and textured styrene with commercial doors and windows for some of our buildings priced at $15 with free shipping. Also included is twenty (20) 9-½" x 13" pages of acceptable materials, adhesives, and finishes for RR gardens with over 40 illustrations. NOTE: Not all of our offerings use these materials. The offerings that use these materials get the appropriate sheets included.
Booklet options:
We are in the process of putting together a Company-Town-Series of structure Plan-Sets for the Vilas County Lumber Company, Company Town. And, we are now in the process of drawing some of these Plan-Sets. Ask for info, if the Plan-Set you are interested in is under construction. 

This series of Plan-Sets can be broken into three sub-sets and are identified with RED titles throughout this web site.
  1. Sawmill Complex (VCLCo) which can be found within the Sawmill Complex tab.
  2. Company Town (Village of Winegar, WI) can be found within the Carts & Wagons, and Structures & Stuff tabs.
  3. Company Town RR Terminal (C&N-W Ry) can be found within the Depots & RR Bldgs, and Track Stuff tabs.